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USDA Processing

USDA StampSalazar Meats offers a wide range of processing services. Whether you want to develop a product that you can sell to markets across state lines, or slaughter and process a hog you’ve fattened up in your backyard, Salazar Meats can help. We slaughter on Thursday mornings. Please call (719-580-5264) with as much advance as possible to schedule a date. Certain times of the year are extremely busy (typically in the fall and early winter) and you may need to call months in advance to secure your preferred date.

Basic Cut and Wrap

Our basic cut and wrap options allow you to choose the cut style, size of packages, and type of packaging used. We have developed forms that make it easy to see the different options available to you. You can e-mail us to request these forms or you can stop by the shop and pick them up.

Packaging options include economy packing (mixture of butcher wrap and plastic wrap with chub bags for grind) or vacuum sealed packaging.

Salazar Meats packing boxes


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USDA Pricing Chart