Salazar Bulk Meat Sales

Buy Salazar Beef or Salazar Pork in bulk quantities and get FREE delivery for customers within our Designated Delivery Region! See description for important details.

Regional Delivery

Salazar Meats can deliver your bulk order of beef or pork near to your home if you are on our delivery route, which is indicated on our Designated Delivery Region Map.

We will call you to coordinate the actual time/place for exchange. We ask that you be flexible in meeting with us as delivery takes significant time/resources and it is difficult to make an ideal meeting time for all customers.

Of course, you are welcome to come by the shop to pick up your order. We just ask that you do so in a timely manner from when it is ready.

Terms of Service for Bulk Meat sales

  1. A $100 deposit per Quarter Beef, Beef Economy Pack, or Half Hog ordered is required to reserve your Bulk Meats order, with balance to be paid on or before the agreed delivery date.
  2. We will both agree to a delivery date/time and place via phone call, prior to delivery of your order.
  3. You agree to meet us at the agreed-upon delivery exchange location, and understand the agreed delivery time will be flexible within a 1 hour window.
  4. Every effort will be made to make delivering your Bulk Meat purchase as timely, convenient and worry-free as possible.
  5. To create a Bulk Meats order, please select one of the icons below.