Salazar Ground Beef Pack


100% grassfed and grass-finished 50# GROUND BEEF PACK from Salazar Meats.

Deposit and Delivery

A $100 deposit is required PER BULK BEEF ECONOMY PACK ordered. The balance of your order can be paid prior to or on the date of your bulk meat delivery.

Please refer to our Designated Delivery Region for a list of delivery locations, and indicate your preference from the options shown below. We will discuss delivery details when we confirm your purchase price.

You will be able to add your contact details to your order, as well as any special instructions, during the checkout process.

Order by Economy Pack. $100 Deposit per Economy Pack Ordered.

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Call or e-mail us if you have any questions. If you would like to reserve a package, we require a $100 deposit and your contact information. You may call us, e-mail, or snail mail with your information and deposit. Thank you!

2021 Pricing


All product is vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing greatly extends the shelf life of frozen meat products.

Our 50# Ground Beef Pack includes:

  • 50# Ground Beef in 1# Vacuum Sealed Packages
Beef Burgers on the grill
Spaghetti with Beef Meatballs
Beef Tacos

Beef Cuts Diagram

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